The video Humans of Styria resulted from the video competition “Young creatives Panther”.
What characterises Styria? Which picture do you have in mind when you think of Styria? The famous pumpkin seed oil, mountains, woods, lakes or maybe wine? Styria has a lot to offer but it actually is the people who characterise the region. People who make Styria grow and who support others and us. People who keep the momentum going. People like you and me.
For us Styria is a lot more than just a piece of land. It is a feeling of social cohesion, friendship and belonging. It is the people working in the background, who are often not recognised but who make all of that possible. At this point, we would like to Thank You. Thank you for doing such a great job. Every single one of you makes Styria a special place. Be part of it and join the network Styria.